Made with Xara Project Edan is a non-profit organization.  At this time, we do not have 501C3 status, but we plan to get it in the near future.  We are the charity arm of the Peter Wingfield Fan Club (PWFC) and the Peter Wingfield family.  When the PWFC was founded in 1996 one of the club's goals was to support the charity of Peter Wingfield's choice. The club has always done some fundraising, mainly through donations and charity auction items, to help raise money for the charity. With the birth of Peter and Carolyn's son, Edan, in 2000, the fundraising was transferred to Project Edan, the club name for the charity project. Peter and Carolyn wanted all donations raised to be contributed in Edan's name to their selected charity, one benefitting children. Initially, the funds benefitted the UNICEF UK campaign "Growing Up Alone". This campaign concluded in 2002. At that time, Peter and Carolyn selected the UNICEF U.S. Fund program called "Orphans of HIV/AIDS", which became a campaign called "Hope Lives Here". These campaigns are part of the "Children At Risk" program under which UNICEF launches new initiatives. The current initiative is "Believe in Zero", a call to action launched in November 2008 asking "Americans to join us in putting an end to the daily preventable deaths of 25,000 children". Peter and the PWFC embraced this initiative at the club's Las Vegas Convention in November 2008.  Since that time, the number of children lost has dropped to 22,000 a day, but there is still a long way to go to reach the goal of zero. Peter Wingfield has taken an active role in the charity and in using his status as an acto ar to generate donations, whether by tweeting news, blogging about it or participating in a UNICEF event, such as the 2009 ING NYC Marathon.  Likewise, the fan club also continues to do fundraising events, such as the conventions and online auctions, as well as more individual and smaller group fundraising.  We will tell you how the PWFC and Peter Wingfield are doing this in the stories on this web site.  Who’s Who in the Charity Peter Wingfield, Founder and Director Rene Averett, PWFC President and Director Dr. Sandra Cohen, Director Victoria Saunderson, PWFC Vice President and Director Beverly Shihara, Project Edan Director Vonda Huddleston, Fundraising Director Sharon Gobioff, PWFC Treasurer and Director All officers and directors of Project Edan are volunteers.  This enables us to donate 100% of the profits made on items we sell and specific PE auction items to UNICEF through the charity.  Contact us at: